आनन्द Ānanda CBD Oil 250mg

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Combining daily use of our 250mg full spectrum CBD oil is perfect for those wanting to try and get moderate effects from their CBD supplementation. 

This 250mg tincture of our oil can provide a huge wealth of benefits on a more subtle level than our 500mg option and is ideal for those wanting to dip their toe into the life changing world of CBD oil. 

Ānanda - (Sanskrit: आनन्द) literally means bliss or happiness.

How Ānanda CBD Oil Can Benefit You...

CBD has been found to impact people in a massive number of ways due to its influence over the bodies ECS system. Reported Yogi benefits of CBD full spectrum oil supplementation include:

  • Focus your mind
  • Reduce feelings of stress
  • Ease pain and inflammation
  • Improve exercise performance
  • Better your sleep quality

These benefits can create a new sense of well being both in the Yoga studio, during mediation and crucially day to day.

If you sleep better, for example, you’ll also see vast improvements to other areas of your life.

Why Drishti Supplements?

  • cGMP Approved
  • Yogi Tested
  • Natural and Safe 
  • Minimal Side Effects
  • Fast free shipping

With so many other CBD products on the market, you might wonder, why should I choose Drishti? And our answer? Because we live and breathe Yoga. And we care.

CBD is a minefield, and with many products containing high THC levels, dangerous ingredients and being mis sold our team at Drishti Supplements by PFX Labs ensure we use high quality products to deliver hugely impactful results.

Drishti CBD Products are Guaranteed To Contain Under 0.3% THC

Full Ingredients: 

Hemp Seed Oil Complex 1g

Full Spectrum CBD 8.33mg