आरोग्य Arogya Multivitamin - 30 Day Supply

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Arogya is a daily advanced multivitamin to achieve daily nutritional, hormonal and mental balance.

Hand picked by Drishti supplements Arogya can help boost your immunity, regulate hormones making you feel more focused and calmer and also improve daily well being, energy levels and improve physical performance.

Dristhi Supplements vegetarian daily capsules are designed to be consumed every day and feature essential vitamins and minerals. 

Arogya (Sanskrit आरोग्य ) - Means freedom from disease , health, healthy, giving health.

Arogya can help with:

  • Reducing fatigue and improving daily energy levels
  • Boost your mental focus through the day and help with calm and clarity
  • Strengthen immunity and help digestion 
  • Aid recovery and repair 

Why Arogya? 

  • 60 Capsule Monthly Supply 
  • Manufactured in a safe cGMP approved facility 
  • Built from the ground up for complete health and body function
  • No side effects or risky ingredients

The Ingredients in Arogya:

  • B Vitamins. Building blocks for a healthy body and mind, B vitamins have a direct impact on your mood, cell function, and energy levels.
  • Vitamin D. The 'sunshine' vitamin helps your body absorb calcium into bones, along with supporting your hormones and cognitive well-being.
  • Magnesium. The fourth most abundant mineral in our bodies, magnesium is shown to help with everything from muscle tension and inflammation to exercise performance.
  • Zinc. Zinc is a trace element known to support many of our functions, including the immune system, nerve health, and mood.
  • Chromium. The highly absorbable chromium picolinate can improve the insulin response after meals, in addition to reducing hunger and food cravings.

Designed For Female Support 

Arogya's Female Support blend uses a carefully selected mixture of ingredients known to help balance female hormones and protect the body from free radicals.

Two key ingredients in Female Support blend are wild yam extract and red clover extract. Both of these are used to help with symptoms of menopause, including PMS, hot flashes, and estrogen disbalance.

A Note for the male Yogi's 

Males can also benefit from Arogya, the reason it's female focused is due to the way ingredients interact with predominantly female hormones. This can still positively impact males though. 

Immune Boosting Blend 

The Immune Blend in Arogya is formulated with the goal of boosting your immunity to pathogens and disease.

It achieves this by using natural microbe killers such as garlic and Goldenseal, in addition to the nutrient-dense spirulina and flu-fighting echinacea.

Antioxidant Fruit and Energy Blend 

Antioxidant Fruit and Energy Blend provides your body with natural compounds that are known to fight oxidative stress and promote all-round wellness.

Key ingredients include:

  • Green Tea – Green tea is high in natural polyphenols that are heavily studied for their fat loss, cognitive, and disease-fighting benefits.
  • Hawthorn Berries – Loaded with antioxidants, hawthorn berries have many traditional uses, including helping with digestion and hair loss.
  • Cinnamon Bark Extract – Contains natural oils that reduce gas, bloating and blood sugar levels.
  • Grape Seed Extract – High in vitamin E which is known to improve blood flow, protect your cells from damage, and boost collagen for healthier skin.

Full Ingredients: 

Vitamin A 2000IU Calcium 50mg
Vitamin C 150mg Magnesium 50mg
Vitamin D 400IU Zinc 15mg
Vitamin E 30IU Selenium 30mcg
Vitamin B1 7mg Copper 2mg
Vitamin B2 7.5mg Manganese 2mg
Vitamin B3 30mg Chromium 120mcg
Vitamin B6 7.5mg Molybdenum 75mcg
Folic Acid 400mcg Health Support Blend 170mg
Lutein, Lycopene, Urtica Dioica,
Saw Palmetto
Vitamin B12 27mcg Immune Support Blend 110mg
Echinacea, Beta Glucan, Spirulina,
Biotin 300mcg Antioxidant Fruit and Energy Blend
Green Tea,Hawthorn Berries, Cinamon Bark Extract
Grape Seed Extract, Black Currant Extract, Pomegranate Extract
Vitamin B5 10mg