About Drishti Supplements for Yoga

About Drishti Supplements for Yoga

Drishti Supplements for Yoga was started when we wanted to figure out the most popular supplements for Yogi's, the ones that we'd use and we know are relied upon from Kathmandu to NYC.

The ones that can have amazing effects, and aren't the product of over the top marketing campaigns and flash subway ads with bikini clad men and women.

Drishti needed to be a brand that people could trust. 

Where did the idea come from?

The brand is the brainchild of Elli, who also does some writing for our blog [shameless plug]. A long time yoga practitioner and full time English teacher. Every product selected is something that is used, or has been used for results. 

Our product range is simple and concise, just like our payment structure. No shipping, no extras and no recharges. 

Drishti Supplements Working for Charities 

Drishti Supplements are a company, we do make profits. But we are hoping to share these profits with charity partners as things grow.

From the moment we have started we give a dollar from every order to American Forests, who do amazing work protected and restoring huge areas of forest in the US, and also Blue Dragon Children's Foundation, who protect street children, victims of human trafficking and victims of abuse in Vietnam. 

We do this because both Ellie and I lived in Vietnam for 2 years. It's a beautiful country, but one that has lots of children who face unbelievable hardship. The dollar from every product sold is the equivalent of 1 nutritious meal for these amazing children.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!