Green Tea Supplements for Yoga

Yoga and green tea are both shown to be beneficial for our health. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that yogis and yoga practitioners alike use them together to reap some truly impressive benefits.

Although yogic exercise originated in India and green tea comes from Japan, the two are hand-in-glove fit. Not only because of the zen and meditative aspects they enhance, but also because of the physical benefits they share.

Here are the 5 benefits of green tea supplements for yoga.

Benefits of Green Tea for Yoga

1. Keeps You Relaxed

Yoga exercises include a series of slow-moving stretches that encourage you to focus on your body, breathing, and posture. It pulls you out of the hectic day to day stresses and helps you to be in the here and now. Green tea is the perfect complement to this, as it's known to soothe the mind and energize the body. Whether you take it before or after your class, a green tea supplement will enhance the relaxation benefits that yoga gives you.

2. Helps With Inflammation in Joints

Green tea has long been known to help reduce aches and pains in joints, including in people suffering from arthritis. Taking a green tea supplement after your yoga workout, when your muscles and joints are fully stretched and opened up, will shuttle the beneficial nutrients from green tea into your body. The higher quality the supplement, the better for truly inflamed joints.

3. Boosts Your Energy & Vitality

Exercise like yoga improves your circulation, getting your blood flowing to your brain and lungs which boosts focus and alertness. Due to the small amount of caffeine in green tea, it can boost your energy levels too!

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4. Supports Cardiovascular Health

It's no secret that exercise is good for our heart, so it only makes sense that practicing yoga regularly can keep your cardiovascular system in check. But did you know that green tea has cardiovascular benefits of its own? It gets our blood flowing, which in turn reduces our blood pressure and improves our heart health.

5. Improves Your Focus & Brain Function

Green tea doesn't just soothe the mind and reduce stress, it also directly improves your brain function. The key active ingredient in green tea, as we know, is caffeine. This CNS stimulant binds to your adenosine receptors in the brain which keeps you more alert and awake.

The good thing about green tea is that it has less caffeine than coffee, so it won't make you feel jittery or have an energy crash!

However, the real magic of the green tea isn't in caffeine alone, but in its combination with another compound in green tea, called L-Theanine. This small molecule crosses your blood-brain barrier easily, and it increases your alpha brain waves and GABA neurotransmitter which are both linked to states of calm and deep focus.

Because of these effects, a green tea supplement will give you a much milder and more stable 'buzz' than coffee.

Should You Take Green Tea Supplements Before or After Yoga?

Taking green tea supplement before yoga clears your mind. It calms the inner chatter and lets the outside worries fade away, inviting you to become fully present once you step on the yoga mat.

Green tea supplement after yoga is delightful as well, as it can help boost recovery. It's also beneficial for transitioning from yoga to whatever activity you plan to do next.

If you want, there's no reason why you couldn't enjoy the benefits of green tea supplements both before and after your yoga session. Depending on the dosage recommendations of the supplement!

Arogya Multivitamin Strategy: Green Tea + Urtica Diotica for Reduced Inflammation & Improved Yoga Experience

Green tea is often linked with brain health benefits, but it's also emerging as a perfect exercise recovery supplement. Research has linked green tea to a reduction in inflammation that improves yoga experience; as well as improved energy levels.

Urtica Diotica or Stinging Nettle is another supplement that inhibits inflammation and makes you feel more comfortable in the body. Stinging Nettle has been traditionally used to nourish the body with its anti-inflammatory compounds, and has been shown to stabilize blood sugar levels.

Together in Drishti Arogya Multivitamin, the supplements Green Tea and Urtica Diotica combine to soothe inflammation and promote calm energy, which helps you get more out of your yoga sessions.

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In summary, green tea supplements for yoga are an amazing way to support harmony and relaxation, keep your body healthy, and balance your mind. Green tea and yoga's positive effects work in tandem to enhance not only your physical experience but also cognitive well-being.

If you're someone who can't shake off the stress, anxiety, or physical discomfort during yoga, green tea can help you:

  • Reduce the negative thoughts
  • Calm the mind and increase mindfulness
  • Increase focus
  • Relieve distracting joint pain and muscle soreness

Green tea and yoga have a fair share of truly impressive benefits, and combining them simply brings out the most from each one. For the ideal combo, try taking 2 capsules of Arogya Multivitamin, which contains a premium green tea extract to boost your physical performance and mental awareness.

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