What to Eat Before Yoga in the Morning

If you’re like me, you’ve probably read loads of different advice around whether eating before your morning yoga routine is good or bad. And they all say different things. So it’s no surprise that knowing what to eat before yoga in the morning can be more confusing than it seems.

One yogi may promote practising your downward facing dog on an empty stomach, while another insists a highly nutritious (and usually highly expensive) superfood brekky first thing in the morning is the way to go.

But who do we listen to? Do we have to stay hungry before our wake-up yoga flow, or can we feed our morning cravings? Is yoga first thing in the morning even good for us? Let’s take a look...

Why should we practice yoga in the morning?

So despite the array of different nutritional advice, one thing that’s pretty clear is that a morning yoga session IS beneficial. It helps to get your blood flowing and soothe that morning muscle stiffness as well as creating a positive mindset so you can tackle the day as the most calm and zen you. It also feels great to start your day off in such a productive and positive way. Now at the end of the day you don't need to worry about fitting in that workout - you’ve already done it. Winner. 

Even if you’re pushed for time, it’s amazing what just a 15 minute yoga flow session can do. If you’re looking to refresh your morning routine, try out this ready made yoga flow here

What should I eat before my morning yoga flow?

Okay so we know that morning yoga is a good move. But should I eat first and if so, what should be my breakfast of choice?

Yoga encapsulates the importance of physical, mental and emotional wellbeing and helps you to re-balance your emotional and physical state. And so nutrition naturally must play a big part in this. In many other areas of fitness nutrition plays a big role in achieving certain goals so surely yoga is no exception. Eating in the morning also helps to stabilize blood sugar levels so you can avoid mid morning crashes and get the most out of your morning yoga workout.


Smoothies are a great way to fill your body with the energy and nutrients it needs before exercising. They’re quick to make and you can literally put anything you like in them. No need to get bored having the same breakfast every day - make the most of what’s in the fridge and mix it up. 

They’re also a light breakfast and easy to digest, which is the main thing to consider when eating before yoga. Depending on how your energy levels feel, add oats and nut butter to get a good combination of fats and protein. Or keep it simple with some good old fashioned fruit and veg. 

Either way, a great, light breakfast to help you reach your yoga goals. If you’re looking for inspiration or wanting to branch out, have a browse through these 21 healthy smoothies for breakfast ideas here.


Eggs are always a popular universal breakfast staple, and it’s no different in the yoga world. They provide a delicious combination of protein and fats to help stabalise your energy levels and fuel your yoga practice. 

With a variety of ways to cook them, mix it up depending on how much time you have. If you’re pushed for time, try simply two boiled eggs (cooked the night before) and an apple an hour or so before your class - not too heavy to cause discomfort during the downward dog, but enough to keep you going. 

Boiling and poaching are also the cleanest way to cook your eggs, avoiding any extra fats from added butter or oils. Don’t forget to flush them down with plenty of water too to keep you hydrated and aid digestion. 


Oats are one of my favourite breakfast items and work well before an energetic yoga practice. If you’ve signed up to a 10am Ashtanga session, oats would be a great way to start your day. The complex carbohydrates that oats provide will keep your energy levels up and balanced throughout the whole session. 

You can get creative and make your own oatmeal, muselsi or overnight oats to keep things new. Whichever you prefer, add some fresh berries (naturally low in sugars so they won't spike your blood sugar levels) and a drizzle of honey for that all natural dash of sweetness and you’re good to go. There are literally loads of ways to make oats exciting - read about just 12 more delish ways to eat oats for breakfast here.

One thing to note, I’d personally leave myself slightly longer between my breakfast oats and my yoga session to give my body a chance to digest them - perfect for when i’ve signed up to a mid morning Sunday class.

Morning Yoga Nutrition - Quality over quantity

Essentially, whenever you’re undecided about what to eat before yoga in the morning, bring it back to what your body needs to make the most of your practice.

If you’re not hungry the moment you wake up, but your class is in an hour, grab something small and light that’s easy to digest, like a banana or a handful of nuts. Or if you fit your yoga practice amidst a morning of errands and meetings, eat something small but substantial to start your day off. 

A pot of homemade overnight oats will fuel your morning more than a half eaten ready made sandwich from the local supermarket. And it’s probably 5 times more delicious too. 

The art of yoga is to find balance, peace and inner strength. Food and nutrition is a vital part of supporting this. As well as a good breakfast, vitamin supplements are a reliable way to ensure you’re nourishing your body and maintaining your yoga nutrition.

By incorporating Drishti Arogya multivitamins into your morning routine, you can trust that your yoga practice is being fuelled with essential minerals and vitamins. Wash everything down with a large glass of water, and your set to take on your day, and most importantly, your flow.

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