• Dedicated Yoga Supplements for Enhanced Flexibility, Focus and Recovery

Dedicated Yoga Supplements for Enhanced Flexibility, Focus and Recovery


 Enhance your yoga practice and experience the true benefits of yogic practice with Drishti Yoga Supplements for Professionals.

Drishti Supplements from PFX Labs is a collection of supplements designed to help people develop and expand their true potential.

Our specially selected products allow you to focus your mind, protect your body and truly  enhance yourself and can especially help daily yoga practice.

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    Expand your potential
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    Rest and recover
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    Focus your mind
  • Zero Stimulants in our formula
    Achieve balance

Why Drishti?

Awareness and Trust

A Tree Planted with Every Order

Our Supplements

We specially select products which are tested and approved by practitioners the world over. 

We are currently focused on CBD products as these offer a huge wealth of benefits to anyone who engages in regular practice. 

Our range will be expanding in 2020, offering expansive and essential supplements that offer huge benefits to you and your chosen path.


Choosing CBD for Yoga

Drishti Daily Immunity and Self Love Package

Experience and share the potential of Drishti CBD with our best value package for boosting immunity and improving your daily health and balance.

Drishti Self Love Package

PFX Labs' Pledge

PFX Labs pledge $1 of profit for every product you buy to support the Blue Dragon Children's Foundation. Every $1 is used to provide a nutritious meal, given to child victims of slavery, human trafficking and abuse.

About Drishti Supplements for Yoga

We wanted to create a brand of supplements Yogi's can trust and depend on.

But not only that, Drishti Supplements for Yoga wanted to also do some good with every order, which is why we have our partner charities. 

We try to make timeless products which really help boost your mindset, improve your downward dog and take your lifestyle upward. 

You can read out full about us here.